Passive Solar & Environmentally Sustainable Building Design

Passive Solar Homes are within your reach. Design for Seasons offers a building design service specialising in passive solar, energy efficient homes and environmentally sustainable building design. Buildings that are energy efficient, thermally comfortable and as individual as the owners.

Appropriate use of materials include rammed earth, brick, stone, timber, steel, concrete or innovative composite building systems and materials. These are combined to create buildings that harmonize with the environment, suit the local climate and meet your vision and needs.

Passive Solar features and benefits include:

  • Utilising the free energy of the sun and cooling breezes to enhance comfort levels
  • Appropriate building orientation to suit the site conditions and local climate.
  • Use of natural light resulting in airy and well lit spaces
  • Less reliance on mechanical heating and cooling resulting in lower energy bills and reduced green house gases
  • A healthy living environment which is uplifting to the spirit

Areas of design include individual houses, renovations and additions, group housing developments, commercial developments and community buildings.

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