Ventilation provides fresh air and cooling breezesCool breeze flows in

Ventilation is the controlled movement of the air between the inside and the outside of the house. Adequate fresh air can usually be achieved through the building fabric. Materials that “breathe” such as rammed earth allow for the slow exchange of fresh air through the walls. Rammed earth walls also have the unique ability to control humidity levels to internal spaces.

For airflow to have a cooling effect on our bodies, greater air speed is needed. Openings should be located to receive the prevailing cooling breezes for cross – ventilation. Openings can be at 45 degrees to prevailing breezes and still receive adequate airflow. Openings should be located opposite or diagonally opposite to each other to allow for through ventilation.

The ideal house should be no deeper than 2 rooms to allow for good cross ventilation. Another passive form of ventilation is locating openings at a higher level in the building creating a “stack effect”. This encourages the movement of warm air up and out of the building and drawing cooler air in at the lower level.


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