Kelmscott Residence and Granny Flat

This house and granny flat development is located on a rear lot subdivision to a corner block allowing for street frontage. This street is in a heritage listed area of Kelmscott and the design needed to be sympathetic with the streetscape. This included verandas facing the street and resulted in a cottage feel to the design, which suited the owner’s ideas.

The main house is a compact residence for a single person with accommodation for guests, an open plan living area with a north facing small courtyard and a single car garage. The layout includes an open plan kitchen / dining / living area,
1 bedroom and ensuite, a guest bedroom, a compact second bathroom / toilet, storage room, single garage and laundry.

The granny flat is linked to the main residence via a single carport and store. This granny flat has 1 bedroom, a combined bathroom / laundry and an open plan kitchen / dining / living area.

Construction is concrete slab on ground, structurally insulated wall panels, and a timber frame roof with metal sheeting. The structurally insulated wall panels or SIPS walls are panels of polystyrene board between 2 sheets of fibre cement sheeting. This system allows for a quick and efficient build with minimum waste and only one trade on site to erect them. They offer a high level of insulation. In this case R3.57 for the 150mm thick external walls and R2.5 for the 86mm internal walls.

Other sustainable design features include:

  • Double glazing is used throughout.
  • A 4KW Solar PV system feeding back to the grid covers power for all the household needs.
  • Solar hot water unit – 315 litre Thermann Electric Solar with 30 evacuated tubes.
  • 4 / 1300 litre rain water tanks linked together to capture roof run-off and connected to the toilets and laundry.
  • Rain water can also be used to water the garden. Total capacity 5,200 litres.
  • Solar pergola over the living courtyard to shade in summer but allow winter sun into the building.
  • Space for edible garden and native garden.
This development is designed to suit the owner’s needs, meets the heritage requirements and is a good example of alternative residential infill.